Thrills and Squeals





This summer plans on being a wonderful concert filled event. 

Thus far, May will be amazing because I will be seeing the woman who sings the lyrics to my soul and who could be the only woman in this world that could make me consider lesbianism.  Marina and The Diamonds. This will be the third time I will be seeing her. My dear friend and I have practically followed her on tour, wherever we could. We went to Chicago, Dallas and now she’ll be very close to home in Lawrence.  
ImageAlso, the other band I’m supremely thrilled to see is Cold War Kids. I have loved them for so long and they are such an amazing band. I am like a little kid in a candy store excited! Such dashing and extremely talented guys. Ahh. So excited. 


The Lumineers will be headlining the tour with Cold War Kids and I really enjoyed their album, so I’m very excited to be seeing them as well. Image

I may also have the opportunity to see these magnificent bastards, Mariachi El Bronx. I love these guys and my boyfriend loves them even more. So, if I do get to see them I will be very thrilled because they’re a friggin Mariachi band. But we shall see, because they are opening up for the Dave Matthews Band and I don’t know any song by them and my boyfriend does not like the Dave Matthews Band.Image

Also, today I go into my new job and I am a little nervous but this concert thrill is making me too excited to worry about it. Hopefully it goes well and stuff. 

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