Planet Comicon 2014

This Saturday we ventured out to Kansas City, Missouri for this year’s Planet Comicon. This is the second year we’ve attended and I have to say that this was definitely better than the last. The set up allowed for more room to walk around without touching every single person you walked by, an improvement from last year when I (accidentally) touched more people’s bums than I care to admit. I still managed some sporadic anxiety attacks but that’s because the crowds will never be my friends.

The line seemed a little daunting, but once the doors opened up we basically zoomed right on in. Though, I could have waited in line all day and not cared too much because the weather was glorious there. The sun was shining but it wasn’t terribly hot, it’s almost a shame we spent the next 5 hours indoors.

In the short time that we spent in line we saw the Predator walking casually through the parking lot across the street. I have to say that I enjoyed that, seeing characters from movies/comics/cartoons in a real life setting, it makes my heart smile. . . even if it’s one that would ravage me to death.

Much like last year, I was limited on spending. Though, I have to say I never feel the urge to meet the celebrity folk. It makes me feel odd paying to meet someone. I get why others do it, but I find it hard to justify it. Unless it’s someone that I HAVE (i.e. you’ve impacted my life, right in the childhood, i’m borderline stalking you) to meet and make a fool of myself in front of. If I can avoid it, I’ll watch awkwardly from afar.  I was half tempted for the Blue Ranger. Childhood feelers.  Sylvester McCoy because LOTR. Will Wheaton was also present and I managed a fuzzy picture of him, which may or may not be included below. Almost all of the cast of Star Trek The Next Generation was present. Sigh. Many regrets there. I couldn’t even muster the courage of taking a proper photo of them from afar. Sigh. I watched them so much when I was younger, I just couldn’t stand the awkwardness of it all. William Shatner was going to be there Sunday but I missed it because I was only there Saturday. It would have been nice to take a gander at him, not autograph because my mouth couldn’t close after hearing his autograph fee.

You can imagine my fright when I look up and see this guy above giving me the stare down.

So many incredible booths of amazingly and extraordinarily talented humans. I wish I had an ounce of their talents. I wanted to buy all their creations. Alas, maybe next year.

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