My mind is always in a state of discombobulation… There appears to be neither cohesiveness nor structure, my thoughts run rampant and it makes writing feel like a chore. I’ve begun over 5 short stories with no end in sight because all of them are going at once in all directions. I try to focus on one thing but they attack me all at once. Someday I’ll get it right and finally finish one of the many adventures that are happening inside my head.

The weather has been as erratic as my thoughts. When I went on that, brief, adventure the temperature was in the 60s then the next day it was snowing. Blegh. I yearn for consistency, mainly just warmth.

The boyfriend and I have been trying to be responsible and working toward paying off all of our debt. I’ve been doing a lot of number crunching and, thankfully, it’s feasible to get it all done by year’s end. It’s such an amazing feeling to see and know that there is an end in sight. I never thought I’d have such grown up thoughts and aspirations to have my own house. The idea of having my own laundry room is the best! Less socialization, yay! I’ve always had the notion that I’d be a vagabond and never settle but yet here I am working towards a home.

We also had some fun with the boogers (my niece and nephew) this weekend. We got this kit that made giant bubbles and let me tell you, the best kind of bubbles are GIANT ones! They were so much fun! I tried to take cool pictures but that did not happen, maybe once it’s warmer but yeah GIANT BUBBLES!

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