A Short Reprieve

I haven’t been exploring as of late and all because of winter. Blegh. It’s been so cold and then the piles of snow fell upon the lands. It was dreadful. Fortunately, before then I was able to enjoy a brief (tease) period of warmth. I went exploring back to back, taking full advantage of the brief nice weather. And, thankfully, I did because the snow and cold attacked us that very same week if not night.

My friend and I drove the two hour drive and had a good time singing and chatting up a storm about life and things. It was much needed.

It’s been about a year since I’ve been to Neosho Falls and Coronado heights, and a lot has changed since then. The Neosho Falls High School is overrun by local hoodlums who fancy terrible graffiti. When my friend and I arrived, we almost hesitated entering because we heard commotion in the basement. We hesitated simply because trespassing is still illegal but it was just a group of teens who were smoking weed and breaking things, still we ran up the stairs and hid as they walked out of the building. We laughed at how lame we probably looked. The building felt different, almost like I had never been there, perhaps it was the atmosphere that felt different. I’m not sure. I explored more of the building than I had before, but found nothing interesting. Just holes in the ground and empty beer bottles. Exciting stuff.

Coronado Heights. 

The other trip was with my boyfriend to Coronado Heights.  Ordinarily, I go with friends to these short photographic adventures but I felt it was unfair to not drag him out of the house and neglect house duties with me. So we did and it was so much fun. We explored, climbed rocks and scaled buildings. It was the best. He’s truly the best.

I’m hoping the weather stays constant and I get to explore other towns I have not been to, though they may be limited because my computer is still being an arse and we’re trying to rid ourselves of the evil thing called Debt. I hate that bastard.

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