The desk of wonder and my many faces.

This weekend has been wonderful and I am terribly bummed that it is coming to an end. Initially, the boyfriend and I had intended on going to Nebraska because it would be one more state off of my list. But in the end, we decided to just stay home for the long weekend and it was well worth it.

I was released early from work and went thrift store shopping with my friend and found the best desk in the existence of mankind.

It’s an old 70’s metal school teacher’s desk and it’s absolutely wonderful. Everything I own fits inside. All my paints, faux flowers, pens/markers/pencils, camera stuff AND I still have space to fill it with more junk!! Although, it almost cost me my relationship but I think it has proven it might have been worth it. Haha. The desk weighs approximately a million pounds. It took 4 people to get it inside my apartment, though to be frank one person did most of the work while we marveled at his ability to lift the million pound desk almost all on his own. It was truly astounding.

I have to say, I feel very professional sitting and forming thoughts on it. I feel like a new person. It’s great because I get to have my typewriter to the left and my record player to the right. I feel like I’ve traveled back in time or something like that. I still haven’t finished decorating it with my personal touch but still, it’s quite wonderful. Also, the desk only cost me $29.00. Total steal!

Now, I actually have space where it’s not terribly inconvenient or awkward to take a gander at my external drive. It’s been an interesting time going through all of it because the external drive holds my past, both the good and the bad. I’ve found old photos that make me smile, reduce me tears, or it brings on a face that looks like I’ve just come across a foul odor.

One regret is not having done any exploring or attempt at taking any pictures. I barely even touched my camera. It’s sad because I love it so much. But I’ve decided to just post some that I’ve taken with my mobile.

Here’s what I’ve done to my desk at work, thus far.

I later added some zwinkies, at least I think that’s what they’re called, of the Spongebob Squarepants family.

The time I thought I found Oscar the Grouches home.

I recently chopped over 9 inches of hair and decided to share the before and after.

I, apparently, love before and after pictures.

and my love for collages is endless

I’ve been asked before if I’m embarrassed sharing pictures of myself looking horrendous or making ugly faces. I’m really not, their was a time when I was but forced myself to accept the many shades of ugly that are lurking in the shadows or the ones that don’t lurk at all. I refuse to be one of those girls that only posts pretty pictures of themselves at all the right angles because that’s not who I am. I’d be lying to myself if I only ever did that or if I photoshopped the shit out of myself ALL THE TIME. I don’t think I’ll ever understand that. You should embrace the good, bad, ugly, hideous, horrendous and beautiful sides of yourself. Even the wrinkles that are forming or will form.

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