My humble abode.

I feel like I can finally call our new place home. We’ve finished 90% of the decorating; it feels great, because we never finished decorating our last place and the fact that 90% of it is complete in under a month is wonderful! This will also, hopefully, be the last apartment in our living history.

I’ve started a wall of frame, again. All the photos have been either from Ikea or thrift stores. I’ve also displayed some art work given to me by my niece and nephew.  I really do enjoy how it’s turning out, I still have a lot more empty frames to fill and place on the wall.

Nox has claimed this area his favorite place. He likes staring at us from the second floor, I think it makes him feel as if though he’s powerful and could destroy us at any given point. But since we feed him and clean his poopy station, he probably won’t. Let’s hope.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, my boyfriend is a fanatic of the horror genre. He is very well versed with all things horror. I remember thinking I was pretty good at knowing obscure horror movies, that was up until I met him and I realized I knew nothing. Our walls, bookshelves, mantles and movies are filled with horror related things and I absolutely love it.

My boyfriend is also a collector of movies. My contribution to this, when we merged movies, was probably 25%. I was shamed.  This is not even the entire movie collection, this is just all that fits on our walls. The rest of it is upstairs in a storage room.

Unfortunately, in this new place our fireplace mantle is not as big as our last place but still it holds a lot of our little collectibles.

We both love lights and I don’t like to wait until Christmas for them, so we have ours on the upstairs railings. They make me happy. 🙂

And this is some of our little home.


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