Trigger Happy

Last week, I finally took the plunge and purchased a new lens, a tripod and a remote trigger. Thus far, it has been the most brilliant idea yet! I got to try out the new lens in St. Louis and it was awesome.

Tonight, I finally decided to just play with the tripod and remote trigger. The tripod I purchased was the Davis & Sanford Magnum XG and I got the Bower remote trigger. Ugh, I cannot say it enough: I’m in love. They’re both so easy to use!! No more struggling with taking pictures of myself or of myself and the boyfriend. It’s such a relief! My only problem is why I never thought to do this sooner.  This will probably lead to more self-portraits, because why not? haha. I feel that this is giving me a reason to be more productive and take more pictures. It’s inspiring, so I’ll probably pull out all the make-up and start practicing. 🙂

For tonight, I just  ended up just grabbing whatever I had lying around. 


And I’m happy that I figured out a way to put more pictures on here. 😀

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