Life is Internet or something

Finally, the internet is back in my life! haha. I haven’t realized how reliant I’ve become to the internet, letting go of facebook is one thing but not being able to pay bills or blog! Oy Vey! That’s been terribly agonizing because I felt like I could blog about a million things during that week and I’m not even sure if it’s even been a week or longer. Life makes no sense without the internet. 


We are finally moved in!!!! The new place is huuuge in comparison with the old place and we even have room to expand, which is amazing! Lots of explanation points, all of which are necessary. It’s been such a pain to move. Though, I shouldn’t complain too much because, thankfully, we have great friends who offered to help out with the move and it made it painless to do so. 

So many thoughts have been running rampant in my mind these past few weeks. I feel like putting them out there but to do so now would be premature. I’m thrilled about some of them but I’ll wait because I want to do them justice and right now I’m just an explosion of thoughts and energy. Barely even forming cohesive or grammatically correct sentences. 

Tuesday’s have become a tradition to hang out with my dear friend, Alyssa.  I have decided to label her as my “on staff model” because frankly I have taken too many pictures of her and it’s starting to look weird. Haha. But she loves to have her picture taken, I need the practice and I love taking pictures. We take advantage of one another’s needs. lol

On this particular day, she was having a rough day and wanted to drive. We made a futile attempt at getting lost by driving out west for 30 minutes. We ended up here, wherever here is I’m not sure but just as we were getting warmed up it began to storm. We waited a good 30 minutes to try and capture the amazing lightning but I only ended up with two frames of it before it began pouring. 

It was nice to get away and just take random pictures. Those are my most favorite times. 

And that is all for now because I have to go catch up on all those cat videos I have missed. Hahaha. 

3 thoughts on “Life is Internet or something

  1. Lightning is tricky, but fun when you catch it.

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