He’s a girl

Turns out my Nox is a girl. This whole time I’ve been causing him her gender confusion by calling him she a him and later referring to her as a shim. I love him her regardless but I’m a little mad to be honest. When I was given Nox, I was told she was a he and I never questioned it because to be honest it didn’t matter and also because I don’t make it a point to look at kitty privates. But the real reason I’m mad is because when Nox was 1 I took him to the vet because he was acting very strange.
Now, I’ve had cats when I was little but I never had an actual indoor cat. All the cats I had were outdoor strays that we adopted and would come and go as they pleased. So, I wasn’t  aware of how they behaved and what their customs were.
When Nox began to act strange, we immediately took him to the vet thinking he either hurt himself or something was wrong. The vet took him to his back room and came back and said Nox had a urinary infection and his penis was inflamed. This information of course left me with no doubt about his gender. . . seeing as the Vet is an educated person who would know the difference between a penis and vagina. . . I’m not even sure if that’s the proper terminology for cats. See, I’m not educated on this so a Vet was a pretty reliable source in my opinion. Therefore, Nox is a boy. 
But Nox kept up the strange behavior, even after we had forced him to eat all his antibiotics and we thought maybe he’s just a special kitty. When my friend came over, she said Nox was in heat. . . sure enough we googled about it and found that he was but all the signs pointed to a female in heat. But how could this be, if the Vet said he had a penis. We came to the conclusion that my Nox was a hermaphrodite and apparently it is possible. . . at least according to the internet — a very reliable source haha. But why wouldn’t have the vet advised me of this? I figured, maybe Nox is transgendered. 
About a month ago we started to have consistent visits from a handsomely battered cat. At first he would run away if we dared to get near but when he discovered that I had a child of the same species he braved the human interaction. We fed him and provided fresh beverages daily and he started to come around.

Poor guy, it was evident that he’s had a hard life. He had scratches, pieces of fur missing, clumps of dirt in his fur, and it was apparent something was wrong with his left eye. He also has massive balls, because apparently boy cats have balls. Something that Nox does not have. Nox has also never been neutered. I became suspicious when Nox would flaunt his goods and roll around and drag himself up to the slider to be nose to nose with Cleveland.  And when we would let Cleveland in he would immediately pounce at Nox, not to attack. . .well actually yes but in the I’m going to sex you up kind of way. We had to separate them because I refused for my son daughter to be a teen mom. But seriously though, where the hell did the vet find a penis if Nox is apparently a girl? I mean, if she was a shim/hermaphrodite wouldn’t it have been a novelty and she would have been like hey your cat has both parts, congratulations? Sigh. I’m still very annoyed about this. He She was in heat all along. 
As far as Cleveland goes, we wanted to adopt him but wanted to take him to the vet first (a good-reliable one) to make sure he didn’t need any medical attention but he hates to be held and hasn’t made an appearance in the past week. He also disgusted my boyfriend by the amount of stinky feces he left in the hallway on the day we let him in. But I figured he can learn and be potty trained. Sigh.  I want to save him, he has the most adorable meow and he deserves a good nurturing home. I hope he comes back because we’ll be moving soon and it breaks my heart to leave him to his own defenses.

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