I can’t believe that it was only two weeks ago that my boyfriend and I saw Cold War Kids. Sigh.

I’ve been meaning to post about this since the day after the show but I’ve been non-stop busy for a while. Even now, I’m cramming this into an already tight schedule. I should be sleeping, considering that I work early and that after work I will be starting a 15 hour drive to my hometown for what seems like 5 seconds and then drive back home. Sigh.

Anyways, back on topic. . .two weeks ago we headed to Bonner Springs for the show. The two hour drive was awesome, with all the rain that we’ve had the grass was green and the sky was filled with beautiful clouds. Lots of moo cows as well. I really do enjoy road trips, whether brief or long. I always find myself daydreaming about how it would have been like to be an outlaw traveling everywhere with my bounty with my trusty stead. Sigh.


We arrived early so we went to Lawrence and walked around for lunch and a quick stroll.

We stopped by Rudy’s for pizza, the boyfriend said the pizza was amazing but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed and neither was he. It was bland, I’m not sure if it was the fact that we didn’t order any of their specialty or what but it was just blegh and it hurt my belly.


I meant to take more pictures but before I knew it we were heading to the venue. I got this quick pick of a mural on one of the walls.


Once we arrived at the venue, it probably took us 20-30 minutes to finally make our way into the grounds The security kept telling us different things on what was allowed and we had to walk to the car several times before being allowed in. BLAH. Also, we had thought it was a general admission show but apparently we didn’t read clearly because we only had bought lawn seats and weren’t allowed to access the area closer to the stage. Womp, womp, womp. No cool close-up pictures of my favorites but even though the bands would resemble nothing but ants I couldn’t complain too much because at least I would be in the presence of Cold War Kids’ greatness. That and we brought a blanket to sit on, fortunately.



The performers were J. Roddy Walston and The Business, The Mowgli’s, The Neighborhood, Cold War Kids and The Lumineers. Truth be told, I only wanted to see The Cold War Kids. I had never heard of anyone besides the last two bands. Even then, I’m not a fan of the Lumineers only that one song everyone knows. The band I least enjoyed was The Neighborhood. Every song sounded the same. Shmeh. But Cold War Kids was amazing! Duh!


When Cold War Kids wrapped up their set we ended up leaving early because the boyfriend was tired, so we missed the Lumineers which was fine with me because I only like the one song and I didn’t really like their album. As we made our way out, I couldn’t help but expect a troll to jump out at us but it never did. I’m kind of bummed about that.


Also, I wanted to rant and complain about the one drunk lady that kept dancing but it’s too late to delve into that fun topic. But seriously, I don’t mind people who want to have fun but this lady and her drunken friends. . .  grrr. Alright, off to bed.

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