Busy Bee

Oh my word. I’ve been incredibly busy this past week or so. I can’t even keep track anymore. I’m starting to think this is how my life will always be, just a blur. I’ve started several entries and couldn’t finish them because I either had to head out, it was way past my bedtime or I was too burned out to form cohesive sentences.


Busy is good because it gets my mind off of the crappy things, but really it’s because I am now employed! I’m especially excited about that part, because it means I will be getting a paycheck fairly soon! Well, a full time paycheck because I have two jobs now. A full time and a part-time. Such a drastic change to a month ago when I was sitting around waiting for a call back, losing my mind and had little to no money in my bank account. 

I’ve only been at my new job for a little over a week and, though it’s a little overwhelming at times, I’m enjoying it. The people that have been training me have been nice and I’m just hoping that I can quickly pick up all the things that I need to learn. 

I feel like their is so much to do and so little time in the day to get things accomplished. I had forgotten that things get hectic when you’re working full time. For now, I shouldn’t complain because I feel very fortunate to have gotten this job. Very fortunate. 

I wish I could spend the night just rambling away but I have to be up soon and sleep is finally calling out to me. 


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