Road to Marina


This past Thursday, I went on my last prepaid adventure. Sigh. I’d feel extremely bummed if my apartment didn’t smell like banana nut bread. It’s such a happy scent and the fact that I’ll be able to eat it later makes it an even greater feeling. Although, I should call it castrated banana nut bread because it doesn’t have nuts. (Sometimes, I think I’m funny)

Our adventure involved the continuation of our stalking of Marina and the Diamonds. Fortunately, this time, she was only 2 hours away in Lawrence. I was excited to go because it’s a college town, which I’ve learned to correlate with interesting and neat shops. I was there once before but since then I’ve been to multiple large cities and this time it was a little underwhelming. But now that I think about it, it’s probably because I’m broke and couldn’t afford to buy any of the cool things and decided not to tempt myself with going into a lot of shops. 😦   

We went to a vintage clothing shop, the name escapes me, and of course it was filled with frilly vintage frocks, bedazzled vests, hats. . . basically vintage galore. I didn’t let myself linger long because my ideal closet would be filled with all these clothes and right now it’s dangerous to be in shops because it makes terribly sad to not afford things, especially pretty things. 


One exception to my being broke rule is food. I have to eat, it’s a necessity otherwise I’d probably be skinny or die! So we went to TCBY, which has changed immensely since I last went about 10 years ago. Still, it was delicious! We split the cookies ‘n cream with pieces of brownies, cookie dough and graham cracker shavings. It was incredible. 


We tempted ourselves by walking by the venue, intrigued and curious if their was a line 6 hours prior to the show and it was surprisingly small in comparison to the show in Dallas. At this point in time in Dallas, we had already parked our behinds on the pavement to wait and established a friendship with two local amazingly-funny boys. We refused to do it again, because in the words of Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) “I’m getting too old for this shit.” Image

We perused a local antique shop and it was filled with neat things, of course. ImageImageImageImageImage

After this, we decided to find a cool places and maybe take pictures. 


I thought it would be cool to take pictures by a train, I’ve always wanted to take some of myself on them but I’m too self conscious to get my pictures taken by anyone else but me. 


I tried to take some of my friend by the train but she was frightened the trains would eat her alive… well maybe not eat but crush her to death. I managed to convince her to stand by it but gave up on the idea when she looked frightened in almost all of them. lol ImageImageImage

We made our way to a dam nearby, we didn’t get to trek down because apparently you’re breaking the law if you do. Damn them.


We kept trying to get a picture of the three of us, including the driftwood/ocean trash art but I kept failing. I was only ever partially successful. Oh, well.ImageImageImage


Since, we realized the amount of effort it took to find places and take pictures we gave up on that and decided to go to a coffee shop. We sat outdoors sipping on our own drinks and watched as the line grew. After watching tween after teen line up we felt famished, had pizza and then decided it was time to stand in line. Their was a huge difference from standing in line about 6-7 hours early to 2. It was nice, yet I regretted this decision too because we were surrounded by teeny boppers. I realize I was one once but I was never like these kids. All they talked about was how many followers they had on Tumblr and Twitter, how hilarious they were and the fact that they were the first to hear about Marina and the Diamonds. I wanted someone to take pity me and perform a lobotomy. I hope, I wasn’t that annoying in my youth. . . which I doubt because I was a different kind of annoying, I was the dark and twisted kind. When the show started and Marina began her set it was all worth it, even if I had to suffer today’s youth, because she’s an amazing singer and her lyrics mean so much to me. 


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