It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks, I’ve been rattling my brain trying to recall the details of the past two weeks but I cannot for the life of me remember much. This is exactly why I do this blog, well that and because I cannot write for prolonged periods of time before my handwriting resembles chicken scratch — so a written journal is out the window. That’s one of the wonderful perks of having had surgery on my wrist. yayyy…. -_-

One of the major things that did happen is that, finally, after months of planning I had the surprise birthday party for the boyfriend. I don’t think I could ever do that one again. I’ve never thrown a party, let alone a surprise one, so it was a pain in the rear. In the end though, it was well worth it because everyone had fun. We had a piñata filled with candy and booze, delicious Mexican food, and a jousting bouncy. It was the adult version of a kids party, therefore even more fun.



I’ve also had several interviews for the one place I had hoped to get a job at. It had great benefits, paid well, near my place and good hours. I was on the last round, I had no reason to believe that job wasn’t mine and then the night before the interview I kept sneezing, eyes were watery and my nose was sniffly. Everyone keeps suggesting me take allergy medicine, I’ve never suffered from allergies, and therefore I always refused to take it. But on this specific night, I felt that I needed to be 100 percent for the interview so I caved in and drank some over the counter knock off of benadryl. BIG MISTAKE! I was in zombie mode for the rest of the night and half of the morning. My nerves normally gives me an adrenaline rush, therefore I’m in top form to answer questions but with this medicine zombifying me I had no nerves at all. My brain was filled with fuzz and nargles. Sigh. It was terrible. It’s safe to say that the interview was a failure. I knew then that I would not get called back. I’m trying not to let this ruin my surprisingly optimistic mood but it’s tough when you see your bank account hit the double digits. My boyfriend is great though, I know he’d help me if I let him but I am very stubborn and independent. The one thing that I hate the most is asking for help.  

Fortunately, I just started a part time position as the lead stock for a retail store. It’s not many hours but it’ll keep some form of income coming in. I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. I get annoyed because everyone keeps saying, well at least you’re not stressing about your old job anymore. . . Yeah, that’s great and all but now I have a new stressful situation to deal with and this one does not bring in any income. People don’t understand how depressing it can get to deal with your thoughts and emotions all day, every day, and then the added stress of not having an income to pay for your bills and eventually the necessities. It’s a bitch. That’s why I want to run away and live on an island and not worry about something as trivial as money. 




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