Texas Frightmare

Another weekend trip is over and done. This time we went to Dallas for the Texas Frightmare Convention. Although I’m sad that the trip is over, I won’t be sad that Dallas is behind me. I don’t think that I will ever tire of saying this: I hate Dallas. I really do, especially the DFW Airport (aka the labyrinth of hell) that had us lost for over an hour.  Every trip to Dallas results in my being lost for hours, it never fails. Though I will say that the weather was amazing in Dallas!

This is the second time that I’ve attended the convention and I think I had a much better time last year. That’s only because this one was marred by the incompetence of some of the staff.  It appeared that this year was a greater hit than last year, at least if measured by numbers, and it was evident that some of the staff didn’t anticipate it. The lines were scattered and they were not set up using common sense and it was irritating, not only because I waited for 4 hours but because if the line had been set up correctly I would have probably waited less than half the time.

We were probably the first 50-100 there and though I expected to wait I didn’t anticipate them letting people cut in and them messing up the line as badly as they did. I’m not one to care to meet celebrities or get autographs. It’s pointless to me, really. What can I do with a signature? So, it is rare when I make an attempt to meet anyone famous and even less who I’d pay to meet. That is unless they’ve made a tremendous impact on me, I greatly admire their work or are those people that you HAVE TO meet. So, I was really upset that they royally fucked things up. After the first hour and a half I was ready to give up but it was my sister’s first time there and she really wanted to meet Jon Bernthal (from The Walking Dead). So, I waited and eventually met him and he was really nice despite the fact that I told him I loved to hate him. Danny Trejo was another one that I really wanted to meet and was fortunate enough to get to. We were the last ones at the cut off to get to meet him on the very last day that we were there. I wish I had the chance to meet Gary Busey, but since we wasted away our last day at the convention in lines I never got the chance.


Heather Langenkamp, aka Nancy, from the Nightmare on Elm Street series.


Nick Gomez, Tomas,  from The Walking Dead and my sister


We waited in line so long that Death made a visit. lol


Jon Bernthal, Shane, from the Walking Dead. The guy we waited 4 hours in line to meet. Fortunately, he was so nice and easy on the eyes that all the stress and anger from waiting melted away with his smile. hahaha.



Danny Trejo (Machete, King of the Hill, Sherrybaby….)

Despite the failure of the line, I had a great time. I think I missed a lot of things but it was still fun. I got some more make up fx kits that I’m anxiously waiting to try out for shoots. They say third time’s the charm, so hopefully next year will be the one that tops both of these.

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