The night before our early flight to Boston I kept having morbid thoughts, realizations and kept hearing noises. I am slightly paranoid and I like to believe it’ll prove beneficial, someday. When night falls, I have the hearing of an owl and I always think I hear things and then I panic and begin to have thoughts of people breaking in and murdering us in our sleep. Yay, happy thoughts! I literally had to drag myself out of bed several times to turn on all the lights, make sure everything was locked and mainly prove to myself that I was just letting my thoughts get the best of me.

Because of this terrible and almost sleepless night, the morning proved dreadful. My sister came to take us to the airport and as we were ready to lock up she asks if Nox, my cat, was inside. I was certain it wasn’t him because Nox is never brave nor rushes out when we leave our door open for x amount of time, so I thought it unlikely. I do a quick check to make sure he’s inside and no, of course he’s not he decided, for once in his life, to be brave and go out to explore. What’s worse, is that we were already 10 minutes behind schedule and then we had to chase him for about 20 minutes, until somehow we were able to corral him and he had no choice but to go inside.

We got to the airport right as everyone was boarding. Damn that brat cat. Of course, silly me wondered if Nox not being inside was a sign of why I shouldn’t board the flight but with last nights realization still fresh in my mind I decided to just board the plane. Thankfully, it was worth it, even though I freaked out and had a massive panic attack. Also, the flight steward that we had on our transfer flight in Atlanta was hilarious and put me at ease for that flight. He was the best flight steward ever and I think they should all be as amazing as him. So many laughs, that I wanted to applaud. I did a little quiet applaud, it would have been louder if the people hadn’t seemed to be so uptight. My boyfriend and I were the only ones laughing at his jokes.

We landed in Boston at about 1 p.m. We decided to be brave and try the T. We made it to the South Station and then the maps and station all started to resemble ancient hieroglyphs. I thought, hey I’ve been to Chicago and got along fine with the CTA so the T should be a breeze. Nope. That’s a lie. hahaha. After trying to figure it out for 5 minutes, my boyfriend and I gave up and got a taxi instead. I could be overreacting about how horrible it was but we didn’t want to get lost because we honestly didn’t have time to factor in getting lost. The taxi we got drove like a maniac but he danced and had amazing music. I’m not even sure what kind of music it was, I want to say Jamaican but I could be wrong. It was wonderful and light despite the fact that the mood was the complete opposite, my boyfriend’s jaw was floor level as the taxi weaved in and out of traffic narrowly avoiding pedestrians and cars. We held hands because we thought surely this would be the end. In retrospect, I should be thankful to the taxi driver because I’m certain that my boyfriend will no longer complain about my driving. hahaha.

By the time that we arrived at the hotel, exhaustion had taken its toll and we took 2 hours to unwind from the draining flights. If we didn’t have as little time there, I surely would have slept the day away. Also, the view from the hotel was amazing!


After what seemed like a 5 second reprieve, we walked to Newbury street where the slew of the shops we wanted to go to were. I love walking and I would love nothing more than to live in a place, like Boston, where I can walk to the market or to shops at my leisure. The streets were lined with restaurants, eateries and a multitude of shops. It was lovely. 

Boston is a busy but beautiful city and one thing that separates it from others is the amount of love and loyalty people have for it. It proved evident wherever I went. The memorial shrine they set up in the park nearby to Boylston was moving, people were signing and leaving things in honor and remembrance of those affected by the bombings. I’m from Texas so I know what it’s like to have pride for your state so it was great to be a part of that again. 


I’m not a fan of sports, so my boyfriend worried I’d be bored out of my mind at the game but I had an amazing time! I can officially say that I’m a Red Sox fan.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I was sad to go and leave that city behind, we spent far too little time there and although I didn’t get to experience all of Boston the little that I did I found to be extraordinary. 

2 thoughts on “Boston!!!

  1. Love that first shot. That one building is insanely long! Very cool.

  2. Love Boston, and LOVE the Red Sox! Awesome pics of Fenway and the game. I live in Texas, so I’ve only gotten to go there a couple of times. Boston is a beautiful city. One of the things that struck me was the cemeteries right in the middle of downtown. It’s like they’re everywhere!

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