I feel so all over the place, my trip to Boston is in 15 hours and I feel as if though I have a million and one things to do. I have a habit, whenever I go on a trip, to pack and repack and repeat until I feel thoroughly satisfied. I’ve already done it 4 times in the past 24 hours. 

I’m also on a deadline, I’m helping my sister with her paper but I haven’t had the amount of focus it takes to concentrate on words and reading. I just feel like I’m going to explode with this weird energy that I cannot control. I feel like Jean Grey when she turns into the Phoenix. No bueno. 

Our time in Boston will be limited, so I’m trying to compile a list of places that I for sure want to visit. I, unfortunately, won’t have enough time nor money to be all touristy and go to all the historical places/museums/or places that I’d love to do or visit. It’ll all be based on convenience and, hopefully, freebies! I’ve also made a list of restaurants recommended by Yelp and I hope it pans out. I think, it’ll probably come down to winging a lot of the sight seeing and food stuff. For sure, we will be at Fenway park for the game. I’m very nervous for this trip, a lot of getting lost will be in store for us — especially from what I hear about the transit system. I figure if I did fine in Chicago, I’m sure I’ll be fine in Boston but at that point it was three of us deciphering the map and I’m quite skilled at getting myself lost. Sigh.

In all honesty, I’m ready for this to be over with because the anxiety is killing me! I’m already psyching myself out, plane rides are frightening. I never used to be scared but it only takes one bad experience and that confidence in aircrafts is shattered. ::shudders:: 

I have to keep pumping myself up and imagine all the wonderfully cool things that I will be able to take pictures of! If only, I could teleport or apparate. I’d give anything to be a wizard. 


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