Zoo Day! RAWR! 11/365

Another majestical day, only this one was filled with dangerous and larger kitty cats and even more awesome creatures. I love the zoo!! I’m really happy that my boyfriend scored a membership with a free guest (that’s me). Plenty of visits to the zoo are in store for us and I am so thrilled for it!

Welp, here are some of my pictures from our trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo. Although, we did have to end our trip short because we had yet another party to attend. I feel so popular all of a sudden. haha. No.


We overheard a lady tell her son, “the pink ones are flamingos and the white ones are lamingos.”


A much better looking Justin Bieber. The only way I’ll take a Justin Bieber, actually. In cow form.


One of the most majestical creatures at the zoo is the peacock, they’re so beautiful.


BEAR!!!!!! i love bears!! That morning I had a vivid dream that a bear was  attacking me and, in self defense, i broke his snout. I crushed it with my fingers. This is the second night in a row that I dream of bears attacking me. The other was a Polar Bear. I was almost worried that they would somehow break free and that’s why I’d be attacked. Alas, I was victorious because I am still here alive. Unless, I am actually a bear and am typing this too fool the world of what I had done!!




One thought on “Zoo Day! RAWR! 11/365

  1. Love the shaggy cows! And yes . . . they look much better than Bieber.

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