The Majestical Nox 10/365

The weather was perfect yesterday, I wish it were like that every day of the year. Days like that make me miss living by the beach.


After returning from the days socializing at birthday parties, my boyfriend caught up with our games and then we decided that the day was too lovely to waste away.


After we finally made our way home, we let Nox go out and enjoy the weather but it turns out his adventure was marred by Squirrelly the bully.


I swear that squirrel was evil, in this next photo he is even smirking. He kept trying to lure Nox up the tree, where I’m sure all his squirrel friends would have attacked him. Nox is my little scaredy cat. He’s even scared of his own shadow.


He did a fabulous job of looking all sorts of majestical outside.


Welp, hopefully the lovely weather continues and stays pleasant because I shall be heading off to the zoo! 🙂

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