Down in the Pits 9/365

I think the world conspired against me this weekend. It’s everyone’s birthday. Therefore, lots of socializing — one of the many things that I am terrible at. It always takes a long time for me to get used to a new crowd. The prospect of having to start a new job is also frightening, because it means that I’ll have to go through the settling process all over again. It’s terrible, unsettling and the thought of it alone paralyzes me with anxiety. Blegh. I don’t know why I even torture myself with thinking about it, since I haven’t even had any call backs. haha. 

Yesterday, I was extremely busy. I had intended on going out for picture taking but I lost my keys. I didn’t find them until I had to move on to another thing on my list and had to nix the whole adventure picture taking. Massive poop, I say. 

I spent most of the late afternoon and night out of the home. So, in order to complete my project 365 challenge I had to rush around and take random pictures around the home. I will admit that I had no motivation, desire and in general have been feeling rather lethargic. Life man, it gets to me sometimes. I’m trying to take on an optimistic perspective but it’s difficult because I’m so great at being a pessimist. Sigh. 

Onto the mess. haha

This is a venom figure that my boyfriend got at Planet Comicon for a bargain. It’s pretty awesome, in that it has interchangeable heads. 


These are some calaveras from World Market. Pretty snazzy. 


Also, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but my boyfriend has a serious addiction. He’s addicted to collecting movies. His main thing is horror but he has so many movies. So many. I know the last time I took inventory, over a year ago, he had over 1,500. It’s more than doubled since then. I always joke and tell him that I’m going to take him on the show Intervention because he’s that addicted. 



I will say that even though I go through my cavelike moods and bouts of crap galore I have a wonderful boyfriend. He may not always understand but he’s always supportive and no matter how insanely crappy I’m feeling he always finds a way to put a smile on my face. I’ve always been afraid to admit that I love someone — even family — but I do love him dearly. And that’s enough mush for the day. 


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