Thrifty Finds 6/365

My sister lured me out of my cave with some starbucks and thrift store shopping, yesterday. I could never have been able to say no. Ahh, thrift stores. I love them so much, their is always something amazing to discover and it’s for a fraction of the original price!

As we were driving there, their was this thing hanging from one of the buildings. It almost reminded me of a mandala. 


That day, it seemed, was my day! I found some of the most amazing finds. As soon as we walked up to the store my sister and mom were mumbling something. Turns out they were questioning whether I would get the sombrero or not. Uhm hello family, of course I’m getting the sombrero. It’s not even a question! It’s not a traditional sombrero but still I’ll take it!



Along with my sombrero find, I also found the love of my life (or new love of my life). He’s large and in charge. Meet Coronet XL. He’s lovely, beautiful and makes wonderful noises and sends my heart into a majestical dance. ImageImageImageImageImage


Ah. He’s all mind and I’ve decided to name him Aragorn. 🙂


And lastly, I found this thing. One of the workers was dumping a whole bunch of the things on the same aisle and feared for it’s safety so I grabbed it and It was a friggin cat lady in a jar! An actual cat as a lady! Who would dump such a thing?


Initially, I didn’t realize you could pull it out but boy was I surprised and elated that I could! She’s beautiful!! 


I have named her Agnes and she’s all sorts of wonderful. I also found an old 70’s or maybe 80s handheld radio. It’s lovely but I left it in my sisters car and didn’t get to take pictures of it. Womp, womp, womp. 

All in all these have been some of the best thrift store finds, ever! And project 365 is going pretty, pretty, pretty. . . pretty good!



One thought on “Thrifty Finds 6/365

  1. …cat lady in a jar…I’m so jealous I could burst… good find…

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