A Walk in the Rain 4/365

I always feel awkward starting a post, I feel like their should be an introduction otherwise I feel like that one rude person who just spews everything that’s going on in their life at you all at once. But I’m not sure exactly how one starts a post, should I just start saying “Dear Diary.” Maybe their isn’t a right way? Not that it matters, it’s just a thought that crossed my mind for no apparent reason.

For day 4 of 365, I wasn’t quite sure of what to do because I was exhausted from the previous days activities. Since my boyfriend and I live very close to his parents, we decided to go pick up the bikes we had left in their garage. It was a beautiful sunny day before, so a walk 10 blocks away should be lovely and maybe I could get some nature shots or whatnot. Image


Nope. It began to thunder and rain as soon as we made it out of our apartment complex.


Nox seized the day by doing everything in his ability to do absolutely nothing.


My sister gave me a kids tutu, naturally it doesn’t fit but I decided to keep it and use it as hair. haha


I thought I’d post pictures of things in my apartment that I love but I got into a huge fight with my camera and decided to call it a night. ImageImage

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