Adventure to and from Planet Comicon

Yesterday, was our great adventure to PLANET COMICON and it was fun but mainly exhausting!

I enjoy taking pictures of my boyfriend while driving because he’s not especially fond of it and also his beard was especially ginger like. Image ImageImageImage

We drove for blocks trying to find a parking spot but everything was either full, costly or far away. We settled for parking over 5 blocks away. It was pretty cool though because every where we walked or drove their were people dressed up.


The line was a different story. By looking at this picture you’d think I was in the middle of the line, nope, I was towards the end but you can’t really tell by this picture because it wrapped around towards the left and right. Image

Fortunately, it didn’t take much time to get to the front of the line.


I have been to a convention before but this one was bigger and so much more crowded! Their were lots of neat things and my eyes were overwhelmed.


Mission Accomplished! I may have not been able to afford to meet him but being near him and breathing the same air was accomplishment enough for me. 🙂


What was awesome about this R2-D2 is that it was operational. At one point it was surrounded by a flock of people as it roamed around the convention. It was neat and bummed I didn’t get a shot.


This girl had the best Rogue costumer ever.




I had a blast, it was exhausting but it was fun and totally worth the pain in my feet. haha.


After walking back to our car we decided to go to one place before we left. I found Prospero Books on Yelp and it was highly recommended. I’m glad we did go because It was such a neat bookstore.



I was so thrilled when we arrived home and my body found the mattress. I will say this does count as 3/365. lol

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