Reflection 1/365

And so it begins, my second attempt at project 365. I’m using some of the ideas from an April Picture a day Challenge. I figure if I’m ever stuck on ideas I could refer back to that. 

The first one involved a reflection of yourself. These are all taken on a 5 inch mirror. I wish I could have done more with this, I like the idea of doing a reflection shot with a broken mirror but I have a sparse collection of mirrors that I’d hate to break any of them. Perhaps, I’ll do more in subsequent daily challenges. ImageImageImage

And that’s that. haha. Nothing spectacular but my first challenge complete! I wish I could say it’s more meaningful and that it has this hidden meaning but it doesn’t. I just wanted to get the ball going on this. hahaha. 

Their are currently twenty two days before our Boston trip to see the Red Sox at Fenway Park. I really like saying that. Even though I’m not a sports enthusiast or care for sports at all I’m very thrilled to be going. It’s a part of Americana and Fenway is a historical relic in my opinion. I just hope I don’t get smacked in the head by a baseball, that would suck. I have to keep looking for other things to do in Boston, considering our time their is minimal. 

On Saturday, I will be going to Planet Comicon in Kansas City, MO. I am very excited to be going to this! George Takei will be there. George friggin Takei. It’s unfortunate that I am unemployed and therefore too poor to get a picture with him, but alas I will be in the same room breathing the same air as him. Though I love him from Star Trek, I will say that I love him because he’s always amazing and hilarious whenever he’s on the Howard Stern Show. My boyfriend is a huuuge Howard Stern fan and therefore I listen to him daily. Whenever George is on, it lightens up my day. (Guacamole)

Their will be other people that I’m excited for as well and would love to meet but eh I’m poor and am just glad to be going. Also, I love conventions because they tend to be filled with other nerds such as myself and I absolutely love it. Also, vendors! I love seeing what kind of cool stuff people sell/make/show off at conventions. AHHHH!  This makes me even more excited about going. And even more so at the realization that I will be going to another one in May (Texas Frightmare!). 



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