Cabin Fever


My first day at the new job was terrible. The management was terrible. Everything went terrible. I decided, along with my boyfriend, that it’d be best that I just quit and now I’m unemployed. It is now day two of unemployment.

I’ve been applying for new jobs like crazy. I keep getting lost in my dreams and focusing on any ludicrous idea that may potentially give me hordes of money. I even fixated for a while on the idea of pooping gold, but my friend said I would die pooping bricks of gold. It’s possible that I could die after pooping two in a row, but I would have settled for pooping pellets of gold.

I was on my daily binge viewing of pinterest and I found a monthly photo challenge. So, I thought I’d subject myself to another little project since PROJECT 365 was such a huuuge failure. hahaha. But at least it would give me some ideas on what to practice my pictures and perhaps it’ll propel me to continue on and take pictures for the 365. Let’s hope. Of course, I’m already 2 days late so I have to do 3 in one day — which’ll be tomorrow. I suppose now’s the perfect time since I”m unemployed and have nothing better to do. Well, that’s a lie. I could start working on my other endless list of projects that I want to do before my birthday. The short stories, the mini film script, the endless amount of ideas for photoshoots. Blah. Now that I think about all the things that I want to do, I realize I have so much to do. So much.


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