Nothing Like Smashing Some Huevos

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was awesome! Nox was, surprisingly, being a little adventurous while we cleaned house. He looked like a majestic critter standing on the ledge of the fence in my minuscule back yard.


A SIGN OF SPRING!! (Yes, I am yelling!)  The Cherry Blossom tree right outside my apartment has blossomed. Cherry Blossom tree’s are beautiful.



My family, though I’m quite positive it’s my culture, has a longstanding tradition every Easter. It’s one of the funnest things, ever. I’m by no means religious, so this and the delicious foods are what I look forward to on this day. We basically hide eggs and have them filled with confetti and then proceed to smash them on people’s heads.

It has changed since I was 10 because we’ve moved, our families now have families and we live in different states. It used to be that the eggs were not filled with confetti — well the select few were — but with a range of ingredients. Some potent enough to make you reek for days. They were often a combination of mustard and ketchup, flour, or the worse kind — a rotten egg. It was always so much fun and at the end of our stench filled extravaganza we had to hose ourselves down before being allowed in to shower. I miss those times and I cherish them so much. I am, however, surprised to hear when people say they’ve never heard or done this. In Example, this was the first time my boyfriend got to experience this type of Easter and he loved it. If he hadn’t, it would have spelt doom for our relationship because if I ever have kids this tradition will continue on with them. THE LEGACY MUST CONTINUE!




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