Confessions of a Call Girl

I’m off for the weekend and I’m thrilled. Not only because it’s my weekend, but because once I go back to my job it’ll be the last day that I will ever be there and it’s quite fucking fantastic! 

I’ve been at my current job for almost 3 years. In those (almost) 3 years I’ve mostly felt overwhelmed and under-appreciated. I work at a call center for an alarm company, as a customer service representative. Though I may bitch and gripe about my job, I’ve always felt I’ve done a fanfuckintastic job — considering the pain it can be. I always pride myself in doing a good job no matter the job/position I work. It’s not about the job but about the job that I do. 

In the last 3 years I’ve seen some pretty shady shit. It’s not so much as the company, though some things can blur the lines of shady, but mainly its employees. Their is no camaraderie there. Everyone gets so hissy pissy when you need assistance, even when it’s in their job description to help you. Not only that, but the reason I’ve stayed in the same level for the past 3 years is because I refuse to kiss anyone’s ass and I have no connections. Or in the brief instance I did, I got demoted within a week because I asked for a raise and was told it was an accidental promotion. (yeah, sure buddy)

In this job, the supervisors have made it blatantly clear that you will get no where if you don’t kiss ass or if you don’t know anyone. Example, a new person should be there 90 days before being promoted but if you are screwing a supervisor — oh congrats it doesn’t matter that the position was not available or that you haven’t been here enough time, you’ve got sufficient enough credibility by screwing your supervisor. Also, if you know anyone and they happen to be in a position of power you will get special treatment and be moved up along the chain rather quickly. This place is nepotism at its finest.

Also, on your annual evaluation, you get told that you can’t get a raise because of x reason and believe me they stop at nothing to not grant you a raise. If you’re one of the lucky ones it’s still shit. Not that I’m expecting dollar raises but shit take into account the work I’m doing and the fact that every single month you add something more that wasn’t in my job description to do but that’s in someone else’s job description who gets paid more than me. I take responsibility for the little things that I may have or not done, but being absent because you had surgery and having a doctor’s note to excuse you does not constitute me being a bad worker. Sorry that your policy doesn’t benefit me even when I had a real reason to miss. [scoffs]

I suppose this is what happens when you’re the quiet/observer worker. I always go in, do my job, get it done and leave. I make nice and am friendly but I won’t go out of my way to kiss your ass and act like your shit don’t stink. That’s not me, never has been and never will be. I don’t belong in the corporate world. It’s shit, everyone back stabs each other and abuses the power they have. Their are people here and there that are amazing but then you fire them because they try to make a change. Sigh. Again. I have a plethora of reasons why this place will make you lose your shit.

I’m not saying that it’s the shittiest but it has been my shittiest place thus far, which is saying a lot considering I’ve dealt with sexism, sexual harassment, and bullying in the work place. I won’t lie, I’ve had good memories of that place, I’ve made friends and on rare occasions had no complaints but to answer honestly I would only recommend that place because the pay is decent not because it’s a great place to work. I’m even willing to take a dramatic pay cut to make myself happy. 

Another thing, next time an employee of yours puts their two weeks notice, don’t pretend like you value them and say you will do anything to keep them because they’re good workers AND then when you need to meet up with them to give them your proposition ignore them or say a bullshit excuse like I cannot set up a meeting with you unless it’s approved when you’re trying to keep me as an employee. Just save yourself the bullshit. I know your personal policy, everyone is replaceable even when your turnover rate is extraordinarily high.

I may have told you that my being sick all the time is the main reason I’m leaving, though it’s true, the real reason I’m choosing to put you far behind me is because most of the people there are shit and unfortunately they’re the ones you have to turn to for help. I will bow out gracefully but in my head I will be saying a big HALLELUJAH and FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. 

Venting and rambling, especially in this case, is such great therapy. 





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