Itty Bitty Kitty

I caved the day away and it was terrible. I got very little accomplished on my last two days off. I hate days like this, they just fade away like dreams and the next minute I’m having to force myself awake for work. The positive thing is that I have approximately 8 days left at my current job, which is very exciting, but still these two days were a waste. 

The main thing I did was wipe away my stuff from my old iMac. My iMac is old and I no longer use it, so I have decided to let my Mum have it. She’s not tech savvy so she’ll be able to learn and not worry about breaking it or whatever type of shenanigans she can get herself into. But whilst cleaning any memory of me, I found so much of my past.

I had a plethora of albums to go through, because of course they were all disorganized. Blegh. The positive about going through old stuff is discovering things you had longed to either forget or had unwillingly forgotten. I discovered pictures/videos/writings. In those pictures I found old baby pictures of my itty bitty Nox. ImageImageImageImageImage

He was the most adorable baby kitten in the existence of life. Sigh. It almost makes me want another baby kitten. I will say this though, I think digging through my past caused me to dig a little deeper into my cave. I hate these bummy feelings. 

On another note, I really hate the digital age — especially when it comes to photographs. I love the ease and convenience of just uploading my pictures but I miss the joy of going to pick up my developed rolls of film. I know that I can easily print them off the computer but the fact that it’s all on my own time also contributes to the fact that they seldom ever get printed. And when I finally want to get them printed I have an insane amount of film to develop and therefore discourages me to do it. Bah. 

Oh well, off to bed. Only 8 days left until my last day at work. 37 days until our Boston trip. 44 days until Texas Frightmare. 🙂

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