I’m outside of your window with my RADIO




I wanted to say something interesting and descriptive about these pictures I took but I keep drawing a blank. Work completely and utterly drained me. Sigh. I’m so thrilled that the end is nigh. 

My friend Alyssa, who is pictured in most of these, is an aspiring model. So, whenever the desire strikes and the timing of the whim works for both of us we tend to have an impromptu shoot. On this occasion, we went to a ledge she frequents with her friends. It was actually a lot of fun and we jammed out to our old emu favorites that struck me right in the teens. (which explains the title to this entry) Such turbulent times. Alas, I think they turned out well and I fell in love with her hair color and boots. Sigh. Love. hahaha. 




We found the Corona Graveyard. Their was literally hundred of broken bottles and also her lovely boots. I was half tempted to remove them from her feet and leave her stranded there but then I realized we were friends. hahaha. Image


I always want to take a picture of myself, when I’m out photographing but every time I do it’s always something like that above. I swear my hair consumes me. ImageImageImageImage

I loved this little place, it was basically remnants from a demolished bridge but it resembled something from Greece. Or maybe it’s just my imagination running away with me. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I love these little thingy mabobs, they both reminded me of the monster guy from Pans Labyrinth or bombs. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Again the boots kept calling my name. Image

I don’t know how I feel about this picture above, I was trying my best to experiment with it and at first loved it but now I’m not impressed with the tones. ImageImageImageImageImage

Welp, this was my brief adventure. I’m hoping that next Sunday their will be sun and warmth and that will be the resurrection of my adventuring into the abandoned ghost towns and interesting places that Kansas has to offer. 

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