Stinker, Diva and some failure

Welp, my first venture into Project 365 was a bust. I swear the weather is trying to sabotage my attempts at being more active, it keeps getting warm when I’m working and freezing cold on the days I have off. Well, whatever Mother Earth. I shall prevail. I swear I shall.

I was, however, successful on my first day. Initially, I was going to venture off to nowhere in particular and just take random pictures but it just so happened to be on my niece and nephews 1st day of Spring Break. We both seized the opportunity, mine for both bonding and taking pictures but for them it was the park. I don’t spend nearly as much time with them as I should but I love them so much. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

According to my niece, these are ancient Hieroglyphs left behind by the tree people who once ruled the lands. ImageImageImage

My nephew, apparently, has no regard towards ancient tree civilizations and ravaged the fallen artifact. Image


We had such a great time!

It was so windy and cold that I knew, almost immediately, it was going to be a bust. My nephew is such an antsy kid that I couldn’t hold his attention. He wanted to explore and I can’t say I blame him. My niece is in love with the camera so she took advantage and posed at every chance given. haha. I decided after less than 30 minutes to ignore the camera and just enjoy a day with them. Afterwards, we had ice cream because the day wouldn’t have been perfect without ice cream. 


One thought on “Stinker, Diva and some failure

  1. Thanks for being an awesome tia

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