A Possible Project

Welp. Sunday Funday did not happen. It turned into it’s freezing cold let’s stay at home and play Tomb Raider all day.

Not what I had planned, but still Tomb Raider is pretty damn amazing! The graphics are wonderful, the storyline interesting and it’s such a smooth game. Though, I will say I got a bit dizzy in the shanty town but that’s mainly because I’m terrible at using the toggle directionals on the control and the game ends up looking like the Blair Witch Project. Still, I definitely recommend the game and everyone should view this review by Conan because it’s hilarious. Also, I feel like it should be obligatory for him to review all games from here on out. 

Lightroom 4 is now in my possession, so I’m trying to learn my way around it. I’m so terrible at photoshop, so my prospects on learning LR are not high. womp, womp, womp. But, I’ve decided to proceed and have even been considering doing a 365 project. I’m not sure what it entails but I’ve decided that starting, perhaps tomorrow, I will take a photo a day. It won’t necessarily be of myself but of something, an emotion, idea and what not. Just a photograph a day. I’ve been really lazy about trying to learn photoshop and now that I have Lightroom, I feel that I should because then what’s the point of having this software, right? So, starting a 365 project would encourage and force me to work with these programs — as well as give some much need TLC to my camera. And mainly because I’ve noticed I spend waaaaay too  much time playing video games, watching netflix, or spending my time away on pointless things. It’s sad and I hate admitting it, that’s why it needs to stop and doing this would be great motivation. I miss the adventure of exploring. 

Today, was also a busy day. I have been looking for a new job for the past 3 to 4 months because I simply can no longer tolerate the bullshit politics of my current job. Blegh, just thinking about it all annoys the crap out of me. I’m really hoping that any of these two jobs call me and I am more than willing to take a pay cut just to get OUT. Sigh.

I picked up my new glasses that I had been anxiously awaiting and was bummed because I realized that they look just like my current ones! BAH. It never fails, I’ve only been doing it for the past 5 years. 

I’m rambling but I feel like I have much to say. 

Of course, now that I say that I distracted myself for a whole 10 minutes on YouTube and have forgotten all else that I wanted to say… whoa is life.  

But here are some pictures because I feel like my posts always need some pictures.

This is what some of my apartment looks like. I am a fan of all things horror and macabre but my boyfriend, whom I live with, is one of the biggest horror fans out there. The decor at our place is fitting for both of us, it looks like a horror house and I absolutely love it. Between us both, we’ve formed a pretty snazzy collection of things. 




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