Tomorrow is Sunday, which means it’s adventuring time! I’m quite excited, I haven’t really been taking many pictures because I’ve been terribly sick. In all honesty, it was beyond terrible, it was downright deathly.

But, the weather has been getting a bit better, it’s progressed from blizzard to thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms but for some odd reason or another I’ve been missing the snow. I love the crunch it makes when you walk over it and the fluffiness of it. That’s really it.

I had so much fun on these two days. My boyfriend and I went on a walk around our apartment, to the park, played with the snow and it was absolutely wonderful. He’s great and I’m glad he’s willing to entertain me on my little adventures.  



No big deal, just the sexiest man in my life and he’s all mine. lol ImageImageImageImageImage


I could say a bunch of mushy things about him and I, but I’m not exactly that kind of girl. But we do look pretty adorable together. haha

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