Sniffles and the Snow

It’s been a cold week or two. I’ve been freezing and the deadly cold wind has finally found my weakness and attacked. Attacked until I was rendered asunder into the depths of congestion and crappiness.

I have all these pictures that I’ve been taking and not doing anything about. I’ve been such a lazy blah of blob. Stupid cold. I hate it. I just want warmer weather. I miss the sun. I have almost forgotten what the sun was like. What is the sun? What is warmth? All I know is the cold and the snow and how dreadful it’s been.



That was the first snow, over two weeks ago. I really need to get better at doing stuff with my pictures rather than just leaving them there on my CF card and letting them grow moldy and idly until I get the energy to upload them. The following is me having nothing better to do on one of my days off and spending it setting trick candles on fire because I was bored and wanted to set things on fire.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI also found a whole bunch of fun things and potential projects in the thrift store, weeks ago. I intend on spray painting the kitty cats black and starting a mob of kitty cat minions who will do my bidding. If only they could. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

It snowed again and apparently it was an earth shatteringly 14 inches of a record since the 60s or something along those lines. Not much, but it was the most it had snowed in a long bit. ImageImageImageImageImageImageOn this day, I missed work. My boyfriends and I’s cars were trapped in the snow. Actually, to be precise, our tires were encased in ice. It took us over 4 hours to pick the ice off them, and that was after a slow maneuvering of the tires to be able to get good enough angles to pick the ice off. Sigh. After walking around the entire apartment complex we made a fire. I love fire. I really should not be trusted with fire or anything flammable. It’s too much of a temptation for me. ImageImageImageImage

It’s just lovely watching it burn and hearing the crackle, snap and pop coming from things burning. Also, it’s warm and in this weather warmth is my new best friend. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThis lady seriously walked out in the middle of the street, a busy street, and then almost got hit by two cars. She didn’t flinch, she just kept walking. I didn’t know whether to be in awe, shocked or be ashamed that I was still taking pictures. I am a terrible human but she made it safely across the street. I guess she needed the alcohol for warmth?ImageImage

I envied them up there. . . sledding, I pretended they were having a fight of epic proportions and that they were fighting to protect the reputation of their mother, or land or something like that. ImageImageImageImageImage

This icicle was huuuuge. Deserving of the quadruple u’s.


Hopefully, after this snowfall, the sun will return to our world and it’ll be warm enough for me to brave the world.

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