Nox the Handsome Beast

Another sick day, wonderful but not really. I’ve been changing positions, from laying on the bed practically lifeless to thrown on the sofa like a corpse. All positions revolve around me being practically dead because that is how I feel right now. Aside from the occasional sniffle and loopiness from all the medication. Blah. I hate being sick.

So, I decided what better way to “enjoy” this day than to share some pictures of my kitty, Nox. Nox the shim. I swear, my kitty cat was magical in his past life and is now stuck in cat form while he runs around like he’s high on catnip — though he’s not. He seriously doesn’t like catnip, he enjoys the natural high of being shim.


He’s such a handsome beast.


He also loves to lean close to my derpy Harry Potter pillow gift. I think he wants to make love to Harry. It’s quite revolting at times. At times, I even have to turn away.


Again, did i mention the fact that he’s a handsome beast?

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