Rock City

I’m not a native to Kansas so, naturally, I don’t have that pride or unconditional love for the state but these past Sunday Adventures have proved to me that Kansas has a lot more to offer than I first thought. So far, I’ve discovered abandoned towns, ghost towns, and now these natural spherical treasures in Rock City, Ks.




The rocks are pretty amazing, it looks like a site where Air Benders may have been prepping for war against the Fire Nation. It may not be the Grand Canyon but it’s still neat in its own right. Also, if you plan on visiting do not google map the address to the park make sure you head your way to Minneapolis, Ks otherwise you will find your way to the pictures above.  Once to Minneapolis, just follow the signs. 🙂



I have always wondered where the red path would have led you.

                       Image ImageImageImageImageImage


One thought on “Rock City

  1. Those are rocking rocks, for sure! Thanks for sharing.

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