Stops, Oddities and Dallas

I proved to be quite the fanatic. For the second time ever we drove to see Marina and the Diamonds. On our way there we snapped a bunch of pictures. ImageImageImageImageThis is a scenic turnout in Oklahoma that I happen to find amazing. I hadn’t been there in quite some time and I still find it to be wonderful, even if it was covered in graffiti. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBefore the show, we had some time to kill and I really wanted to go to some thrift stores/antique stores. Initially, we were supposed to go to another one but it was closed but fortunately Dolly Python wasn’t disappointing. 




I’ve never been enthused about going to Dallas, something about it just never appealed to me, but this store completely changed my mind about how I feel about the city. This shop is amazing with all its oddities and treasures. 

2 thoughts on “Stops, Oddities and Dallas

  1. Oh wow… can we coin a phrase…. “I think I died and went to Dolly Pythons”…. wicked pics… makes me yearn for road trippin’ in the states…
    Thank you for brightening my day…

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