My Two Cents.

I’ve been sitting here going through news articles and scrolling through posts on facebook about the devastating news in Connecticut.  Everyone has an opinion about what went wrong, what could have been done to prevent this and what needs to be done. It seems every one is divided and the matter comes down to tougher regulation on gun control, vice versa or lack of religion in schools. I, on the other hand, cannot help but shake my head as they argue about all this. Though, guns may be the method of preference for these heinous acts they are not the reason and whether God is present in schools or not it will not prevent these tragedies from occurring. 

I read this post on reddit today and I couldn’t relate nor agree more, which is why I am sharing. 



Much like the person above I, too, have battled with my own demons and have been down the path that blurs right from wrong which is why I agree with everything he/she has said. Gun control is not the issue, mental health is. We should learn to see the signs and care to be the difference in a persons life. Sometimes even the simplest act of kindness could go a long way. 

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