Strong Farm

I love Sunday Funday Adventures. They fill me with joy but when the work week comes along, it makes me realize how much I hate working. ::sigh:: 

On this adventure, my best friend and I decided to discover some more of Kansas. Our destination was Neosho Falls, but on our way there we discovered these dilapidated buildings on the side of the road. It appeared to have been two houses, a shed, two (possible) chicken coupes and a barn. From old MCI statements, we found in the home, it appeared that it was abandoned around 1996. It was nice to explore but we did not expect to find the surprise we did in the garage. 


It was difficult to get better shots of the interior, the roof was completely caved in and the floors covered in rusted nails.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAh this Chicken. I have decided to name him Fred and I am terribly sorry that I left him there. He was quite spunky.Farewell Fred. You will be missed.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAnd finally we make our way to the Garage Surprise. Yes, their was a decomposed cow inside the garage. We kept trying to think of scenarios that would lead a cow to be left rotting in the garage. ImageImageImageAll of course ended with the cows tragic demise, which made us both quite sad. ImageImage

After finding the cow, we decided not to linger and continued onto our destination: Neosho Falls. 

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