Autumn, rambles, death

Autumn is such a morbid season yet despite the morbidity their’s a beauty in the decay. ImageImageFall is not a good season for me, it’s always been marked by death and I don’t mean the dying plants. I’ve lost many people to this season. I cannot help but get depressed when this time comes around. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSpeaking of death in Autumn, here’s the dismembered hoof of a deer I found. I would post something significant about life and death and how it’s a circle of life and insert an Hakuna Matata or two but my thoughts are running rampant — more so than usual. It’s Midnight, I’m exhausted and I’m feeling cavelike. ImageImageImageImageImageThere’s a photobomber in this picture, I didn’t even realize it when I took the picture. haha.ImageSince, I’m still here. Here’s the uplifting part of death. . .though death is permanent and likely to occur to us all. . . yeah. . . well that just depressed me more. Here’s a turtle. That should cheer me up.Image Life. Yes, we’re still alive so make the most of it and appreciate those around you for you never know when your time will come and nothing is left but a hoof. 

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