Eh, It’s Sunday.

Halloween is almost upon us!! I have so much to accomplish before this weekend, let’s hope my extraordinary talent of procrastination doesn’t get the better of me. For once, I hope I fail miserably. 

I’ve decided to be brave and do my own costume. I’m terrible at arts, crafts, sewing and whatnot, it’s not a natural talent but I will try and with some luck, patience and perseverance I may succeed.

About a week ago, my boyfriend and I worked on making our own Halloween wreath. It didn’t turn out as I had visualized but the fact that it turned out this well was pretty darn amazing. Next years wreath looks promising. Haha! ImageImageImage

Also, I’m kind of sort of dating a masked serial killer. 


We got Nox his own buddy, Lucifer, and he’s quite taken with him. ImageMy little Nox is quite the looker. ImageBut he’s also the most bratty, lazy, anti-social, scarediest cat I know. Image

Tomorrow, I shall post something with substance and perhaps many pictures of Joyland and a dead deer. Exciting, I know! 

3 thoughts on “Eh, It’s Sunday.

  1. Gosh, that cat has attitude! And such tufts coming out of his ears. I love the Halloween wreath.

  2. Hi! Thanks for following my blog.

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