The Cave

It’s interesting how becoming sick can make the mind work, work in ways that you wish it could have been working all along. It certainly could have helped cut out a lot of the unnecessary bullshit along the way, but of course it only happens when you feel that you’re close to reaching those last breaths. 

I’m dying, like everyone in this world. I don’t know when my end will come nor how my demise will be met but one thing that I am sure of is that this is not how I planned my life to turn out.

I always envisioned grandeur, it was never to possess indefinite wealth but adventure in far off lands and destroying evil doers along the way. In my mind, a stranger would be sent from a far off land to find me and bestow upon me a magical gift or that I’d be struck by an alien meteorite that would grant me alien powers to save the world. Perhaps, these are but childish dreams but even now at my age I still hold onto hope that it may happen. That and a million of other scenarios where I acquire superhuman powers and am invincible. ha. I could delve into the psychosis of it all but that would be even more depressing. 

Truth is, I would love nothing more than to rid myself of all my possessions and with the money acquired go on the adventure of a lifetime. I by no means hate the life I lead I just “want adventure in the great wide somewhere, i want it more than I can tell.”  And yes, I did just quote Beauty and the Beast. The real world lacks luster and it’s filled with deceit and everything requires money. 

Because I am sick and have this throbbing feeling in my stomach, I cannot venture into the wild nor do anything to proclaim my liberty from this treacherous world. I did, however, grab some purple dye and liberate it unto parts of my hair. It was a small gesture and it helped, somewhat. 

Onto the pictures. 

Some of these are from the ill fated adventure into the abandoned theme park. I’m very relieved and glad I got one of the wild flowers. 

ImageImageImageI did make a friend with this horsie, he was delightful and charming. His name is Wilfred. ImageImageImage

I was besotted immediately by his nonchalant and handsome demeanor. Image


One thought on “The Cave

  1. amazing pictures luv!!! 🙂

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