Nox the Hermaphrodite

As usual, things never go quite as expected and today was definitely one for the books. 

I had planned a day of adventuring with my best friend, Greta, to an abandoned theme park. We were terribly excited to make our way in and take delightful pictures of one another. Unfortunately, our plans of having the park to ourselves were foiled by a group of stupid teenagers, and I say that in the nicest way possible. Their was a group of 15 or more of them causing a ruckus, practically begging to get caught.


Our intention was to only take photographs and have an adventure. We were there for about 30 minutes when we heard the siren. I had hoped that they had caught the bloody idiots, because seriously who takes a group of over 15 people to an abandoned park, runs amok, and doesn’t expect to get caught? I wish we would have told them off for being there. Damn them. We didn’t even make our way in far enough to enjoy the actual park. The police didn’t find the idiots, they found us instead. Quite disappointing when we were dolled up and expecting to be there for over 2 hours. Fortunately, their main focus was on the damn idiots and let us walk away with nothing more than a “this is private property” spiel. We walked away with much disappointment but found the abandoned go-kart area and made the most of it. 

This is the amusement park we were trying to venture into.


I took those on a previous excursion. 

Finally, we made it back to my place and discovered that my dear child, Nox, is a hermaphrodite. Yes, ladies and gentleman he has both a vagina and a penis. Out of all the cats in the world that could have made their way into my heart, I got the hermaphrodite.  Hmm. It would happen this way.


How will I know what he/she prefers? I suppose yellow or green are quite androgynous colours and I can work with that color scheme. Oh my. Will I ever have grandkitties? Will he start questioning his life and lead a downward spiral a la Lindsay Lohan? After much thought and deliberation, I have decided I will no longer consider him a . . .well him. I will simply call him Nox and support whatever decision he decides to make. If he wants to be a girl or boy I will be a supportive mother. I just hope he/she stops trying to rub his/her bum on my legs or guest’s shoes. haha.

Oh Greta, only you would help me discover that my cat is a hermaphrodite. 


2 thoughts on “Nox the Hermaphrodite

  1. This day will live for eternity. We shall always remember examining the upside down exclamation point on Nox’s behind. Also. That we can’t pose very well. And your face is not real.

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