Tomorrow is Thursday

It’s Wednesday. I hate Wednesday. ::sigh::

But what better way to cheer myself up than to spend it shopping at the Goodwill. I love shopping at the Goodwill or any second hand store, it’s like opening up a treasure box each and every time. You’re never sure what you’ll find and it’s always fun to think of what kind of memories the previous owner had in them — did they enjoy the best day ever, find themselves, or perhaps find a new love in those garments? Or did they weep for a loved one, face an obstacle that they could no longer be reminded of, betray a loved one, die, or commit a treacherous crime in those garments?  I will never know but it’s fun to think about. 

Today, I met up with my dear friend and found delightful treasures — that we hope to photograph at a later point. The possibilities of these finds are endless and it fills my darkened heart with much joy. 🙂 

These are the finds. 



It’s very wrinkled and not ready for presentation but as I’ve decided to include some form of media with each and every one of my posts, I had no choice but to share. Image

I haven’t decided what this dress will be used for, perhaps a circus theme or a Marina and the Diamonds inspired shoot. Either way, I am delighted to call it mine. 🙂


My cat was also quite fond of it, he’s very stylish. 


This one is fun with its adorable polka-dots and high-class button. I know nothing of style nor fashion but I do enjoy pretty things. 


I also found an adorable moo cow. 


She’s very fancy. 



And moo-rific. 


I’m glad that I find myself to be quite hilarious or is it sad? Either way, I’m stuck with me forever. . . may as well laugh at my own pathetic attempt at jokes. 



One thought on “Tomorrow is Thursday

  1. I love that cow. 😉

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